Monday 18 March 2013

The end of Thursday 1990

All the time Jim and I were both working, he had done the shopping and cooking, and I had done the house maintenance and decorating sort of stuff. (Pretty radical in the 70s and 80s).

When I stopped work (I didn't intend to but Sam was ill), I had to give Sam his tea earlier than Jim could as he got home around 6.30. It seemed natural that I would get food ready for Jim as well.  Sadly he found it really hard to give up control of the kitchen.  So did I! - Let battle commence!

This was a lovely maternity dress in mini green paisley. I made it from a Vogue pattern.  It was hard to make as it had 8 box  pleats across the front.  Getting the hem to hang straight was the worst bit. Every time the bump grew I had to lengthen the front!

I had trouble with my perspective and proportion. I am sure the stairs had banisters at waist height.

Who remembers those little calendars the children used to make at playschool?  I always felt obliged to keep them and display them prominently.  They went well with the overall chipped paint and weetabixy decor.

Secretly I yearned for one of those swish homes where nothing was out of place and everything beautifully tidy and clean.  I always felt that most of my friends had such homes.  I found out afterwards that they used to tidy and clean just as frantically as I did before guests, so I suppose we were all trapped the same way by aiming for the perfect "Stepford Wives" stereotype.

One day at my friend Bobbie's as we were wading through Lego to the kitchen, she said something which let me relax a bit.  She said the kids are only little for a while, and you can tidy up when your nest is empty and they don't need you any more.  True.  Still haven't done it though.

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