Sunday 17 March 2013

More Thursday in 1990

Actually Sam couldn't run that fast, because he had a congenital heart defect but at the time in January I couldn't run at all!  He really needed these naps even at three and a half because his oxygen levels were low and he had to have the rest.

That maternity dress was truly horrible.  I believe it was made of sacking or something else equally scratchy.  The only thing was, it was roomy and the baby in the offing, George, was already pretty enormous.

Although we didn't know why at the time, kids with heart trouble often cry a lot when they wake.

He did it every time, so it was very tempting not to let him sleep during the day, but we had been told he should.  He did used to go out like a light as soon as he was in bed though, so I guess the doctor was right.

I loved this bedroom.  It had blue cloud wallpaper and lovely trees with little ducks under them all round the top.   Some of my happiest memories are of reading stories to babies in this room, or feeding them in the quiet of the night when they were tiny.

Pink and grey.  Anyone remember that?  It was everywhere.  I painted the hall one afternoon without warning Jim.  Unfortunately we had an extremely deep stairwell.  My broomstick-lashed-to-a-paintbrush was too short to reach the ceiling, so we spent the rest of our time there trying not to notice the patterned wallpaper left unpainted at the top of the stairwell.   You know that sudden horrible revelation about the state of the place you get when you have someone coming over?  Well we never got it,  because guests could not see the missed bit from the hall. We only saw it when we went to bed.   Like I said, it is surprising what you can get used to.

We had bare plaster between the new windows in our bedroom for about 4 years as well.  When we finally got around to decorating, we quite enjoyed it, and wished we had started years before.

There is a moral here somewhere.

On the plus side, we got to know Carmina Burana well.  Records and tapes were the main things.  We taped our new record of Carmina Burana to listen to while decorating.

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