Monday 25 March 2013

Saturdays no 2

Here we are having second breakfast!  More tea, with toast and marmalade if I remember correctly.

I really don't know why Jim is sitting in that peculiar position. Could be to emphasise the revolting slippers again.  People don't warn you about things like that before you get married.  I think they should.

Sam is impatient to have a book

It was the longest distance from the bedroom to the bathroom of any two rooms in the house.  Our bedroom was right at the top and front of the house,  with the bathroom downstairs in the back extension.   We had to go down the stairs, and through the hall, dining room and kitchen to get to the bathroom.

Sam hated it if we were both occupied at the weekends.  He seemed to think we were at his disposal.  Which, of course, we were!

I thought about this before I put it up!

Jim wasn't sure about me showing his horrible slippers to the world (potentially)  and likewise I was not sure about showing the enormous baby bump!  I have seen that lots of young mums nowadays wear more revealing and figure hugging maternity clothes instead of the voluminous smocks we wore, so I don't think this will cause offence!

I had such a bad back with this baby, something to do with joints in my pelvis?  I do know that it hurt to walk and made an unpleasant grating noise which was better if I waddled.  I waddled a lot.  I found it hard to do anything to my feet, including putting socks on, or even finding them.

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