Tuesday 26 March 2013

Saturdays no 3

This was our big, lumbering family-style car.  It was a VW Passat.  We bought it when Sam was on the way and I could no longer fit my bulk behind the wheel of our lovely MG Midget sports car.  I still regret parting with our Midget.  It drove like a dream with the best heating you can imagine.  It was perfectly possible to have the top down in snowy weather and still be warm and toasty.  In fact we did this often!

Driving in the new Passat felt like travelling around in a lounge, it was so roomy.  It also weighed a ton and steered like a cow.  I believe they have improved somewhat since then.  It was also solid, safe, waterproof and never went wrong, which was all quite different from the Midget!  Great for carting kids about, in fact.

Jim used to do the shopping because he didn't trust me to do it right.  I admit that I wasn't the best shopper, but I am sure I could have learned.
I once had to do the food shopping (before kids)  when Jim had mumps.  He says I came back with cleaning products and cat food.  I have to say I don't remember this, and therefore deny it hotly.

Even now I only shop for food if he is incapacitated.  It takes hours because they have always reorganised the aisles in the supermarket since the last time I shopped, so I can't find stuff.  I think it is a secret supermarket plot to get people to walk miles in search of their food so that they will be hungry and buy more.

Jim loves to cook.  He likes to feed people too. When we were first married he had been cooking his own food for years.  He says he rebelled when his mum provided tinned ravioli on toast with instant mashed potato for the main family meal.  My mum was and still is a fantastic cook so I never had occasion to go in the kitchen.  I just hung round the outskirts getting mixing bowls to lick out.  I left home to get married at 18 so learned nothing of cooking.  In my first two weeks of marriage, I cooked chicken for 15 minutes from frozen under a hot grill, made creme brulee which we drank through a staw, and burned a salad.
Then he took over.  Result.

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