Saturday 23 March 2013

Saturdays no 1

Sam wakes up
At this stage I was still trying to finish the week in pictures to teach Sam the days in order.  I hoped the routine would give him a better idea about the passage of time.

I know now that you can't hurry these things, and they learn it all too soon anyway, no matter what you do.  Still, I am glad I made the drawings because they are fun to look back on and I kept doing them for that reason, long after they weren't needed any more.

Sam comes to find us
Sam used to feel really grown up coming to find us in the morning.  He used to bring all his soft toys and his little cover with him.

I made the little cover for him as a pram blanket.  I used old dresses and scraps from dressmaking projects to make a patchwork,  so it was very haphazard.  One good thing was that if it wore out I could just replace bits of it from the stock fabric in the loft!  I had re-made it at least 4 times by the time he left home.

Once Sam arrived in our room whoever's turn it was would go downstairs and make the drinks.  We had lovely chocolate biscuits as a snack to start the day.  I found out far too late that they were rather high calorie. Like Hobbits, we had second breakfast later on...

On Saturdays there was time for a particularly extended and sleepy wolf game, also known as lookout games.

Sam didn't know what a wolf looked like.  By the look of this picture, neither did I.

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