Wednesday 27 March 2013

Saturdays no 4

Sam and Daddy play fighting

Not sure where "fangard" comes from.  Just a slight mistake from "en garde"  probably.  Sam was vicious and relentless when sword fighting.  Being dyspraxic he was also a danger to himself and others!  I mean, look at how he is using the shield!  He was so excited to see real blood.  It took some persuading to get him to stop trying to hurt daddy again.

Sam was obsessed with the "bad guys"  in Sleeping Beauty.  He somehow always identified with the naughty people instead of the good ones.  He still does.  He loves to stir people up then watch the fun!  Life has been much quieter since he left to go to university.

I may not have been allowed to go shopping on my own but I always did when Jim went out for "a few bits and pieces"  as he liked to call it.  Sam quite liked shopping, which is really unusual in a 4 year old.  He got tired quickly as he was very blue by this age, waiting for his heart surgery, so he liked to sit down and see things happening.  I used to have to wheel him around and explain to him what things were.

That is my Long Tall Sally coat.  It was really lovely because I have long arms and I am tall.  It was the first coat I ever had which fitted me properly.  Mum always used to have to put fur cuffs on coats to make the arms long enough.  I hated this.  Now everyone is tall so I don't have the problem any more.  Long Tall Sally no longer stocks things short enough for me!

I first started work at school in 2003.  When I started I was taller than most of the lads in year11 (15-16 year olds).  Now they are mainly taller than me, mostly by year 10.  It's a shame because it is much easier to be imposing if you tower over someone!

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